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Friday, December 25, 2009

About me

Hello Everybody!Primarily, let me introduce myself. My name is Maria and I am not a professional dressmaker. Actually, I am a Greek literature teacher over the past 20years. Dressmaking, fashion and styling are my hobbies which after my recent activity with Fashion Dolls tend to become my passions. The dresses on the photos are designed and made by me to fit mostly Fashion Royalty Dolls but also Silkstone and Barbie dolls. As a matter of fact, the dress will be loose on Barbie top models and Fashion Royalty MB bust but that can be easily fixed. Just let me know about it before I ship it. I am very attentive of the details and every single dress is handwroughted, especially the broidery and the lining. All the accessories, the hats and the jewelleries are made by me and I always use new and of great quality materials. The dolls of my collection are the perfect models for my creations and famous designers my main source of inspiration. I prefer making dresses for my dolls that a real person could wear too. That's the reason I don’t over-ornament my creations neither I use multiple colours on them. Therefore, my creations are not very fancy because for me style comes first. My favourite style is the sophisticated one but also the retro style and sometimes even extravagant.I hope you enjoy the photos. What it is important to me is that my clients are happy with their purchases and their dolls proud to wear a habilisdolls creation, thus don’t hesitate to contact me for any of your questions or problems... I am sure we'll work it out.

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